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HA1525 Foil Kit

On Stock

HA1525 Foil Kit


The HA1525 brings the renowned glide and speed of the high aspect range to riders over 86kg. 


Weve found that this foils excellent low end ability makes lightwind cruising and tacking a breeze. Looking to link up endless bumps down the coast? The HA1525s impressive speed and glide performance caters perfectly to advanced riders of all weights looking to maximise downwinders and flatwater pumping.


Effortless Glide
In our quest to create an inspiring range of High Aspect foils, we honed a design that emphasizes glide and speed. With this DNA, the HA1525 offers amazing top speed for its size and exciting performance for everything from the afternoon soul session to dialing in those tacks.


Elegant and Smooth
Breathtaking curves and flowing lines are the HA signature. With a drawn out aspect ratio (AR) of 9.5 and wingspan of 1200mm, we think the HA1525 will set new flatwater pumping records limited only by your legs.


Precision Fabrication
Through meticulous attention to detail, weve given the HA range a truly premium layup. A high-density foam core is wrapped with intermediate and high modulus carbon fiber to keep things light and provide incredible flex response.


Inspired Design
To craft the best foil possible, we looked to those with unparalleled foiling knowledge. Sailing gurus and Americas Cup legends Pete Burling and Jimmy Spithill were integral in helping to develop the HA range, transmitting a piece of their history into your session.


Features and Recommendations

  • Ideal for lightwind winging, advanced riders 86kg (190lbs) and up.
  • Excellent for downwinding in light to moderate conditions, advanced riders.
  • Pair with HA195 stabilizer to unlock greater glide and looseness.
  • Pair with 70cm fuselage to increase stability and pumping.


Area: 1525 cm2
Wingspan: 1200 mm
Foil wing weight: 1275 grams
Aspect Ratio: 9.5


Wing: HA1525
Mast: M85cm/33.5”
Fuselage: TC60
Tail Wing: HA195


You can order this foilkit in a different configuration.

- 60 cm mast instead of 72 cm mast: -50 euro

- 85 cm mast instead of 72 cm mast: +50euro

- 45 cm and 100 cm mast are also available. Contact us for those.

- 50 cm or 60 cm fuselage instead of 70 cm: no cost difference

- Performance 795 mast instead of 72 cm mast: +750 euro

- Performance 935 mast instead of 72 cm mast: + 850 euro

- Performance 1035 mast instead of 72 cm mast: + 900 euro

- Different stabilizer: V200 or HA195 tail no cost difference, HS232 or CF300 - 50 euro

- Surf 205 or Flow 235 stabilizer: +10 euro

Please contact us if you want to change the standard kit configuration. 


 *Kit comes complete with - Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and wing covers.