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HA195 Stabilizer

On Stock

HA195 Stabilizer


The new HA195 tail wing is sleek, elegant and fast! It's been designed to unlock every drop of performance and handling potential from the HA front wings.


This new design is cutting edge in terms of aspect ratio, thickness and anhedral. Combined with our HA wings the result is a smoother faster flowing ride with more speed, glide and precise handling! This effectively further increases the already outstanding performance and manoeuvrability of the HA foils.


The feedback from our team riders has been solid, plenty of frothing over the feel and performance increase the HA195 delivers.


The HA195 pairs perfectly with our HA foils but also improves top end performance of the CF and HS foil range too.



  • The tail wing has a foam core wrapped in the highest quality Carbon keeping it light and super rigid.
  • The Titanium screw inserts are in keeping with our philosophy of zero corrosion materials throughout the entire product range.
  • The unique flow fences improve stability by minimizing the disruption of turbulent flow from the front wing, mast and fuselage.


Tail Wing area:
Wingspan: 385mm
Weight: 100g

*Comes complete with screws and protective cover.