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Armstong offers different kind of foils in several sizes. All foils are complete with all required hardware and protective covers. You can use these covers also when the foil is assembled. 


One of the unique characteristics of the Armstrong foil is the use of titanium. It is not only very light, but also corrosion free when used in salt water. 


You can select your foil anyway you like. If you want a different mast, fuselage of tail, just get in contact and allow us to make you a tailored offer. 


Check out our blog on everything you want to know about the new Armstrong A+ System


The high aspect kits take performance, speed and glide to the next level!

The High Performance kits are super stable, responsive and with great glide make it the choice for carving turns or shredding waves. Developed from the ultra-successful carving freeride range, the HS kits are the logical step for progressive riders wanting to take their riding to the next level.

The carving freeride kits are designed to get you up and flying on the foil easily. Extremely stable yet rips turns rail to rail like a dream. If you want carvability and ultimate stability, then look no further.