Quickblade Ono Ava 105 Sup Foil Paddle

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Ideal for "pop-ups", if you need more power to get up and flying, this paddle is for you! The Ono Ava has a scooped power face that strategically channels the way water tries to get around the blade. The Ono Ava's blade paddles like a bigger blade yet it's surprisingly smooth into and out of the water making for more efficient strokes than traditional shaped blades.


The Ono Ava was originally designed for Outrigger paddling but with its 15 degree shaft to blade connection, turns out to be the ideal paddle to get more body weight off the board and onto the paddle.


Double Dihedral Scooped V
Concave Surfaces
Carbon Blade
Carbon Fiber Shaft & Handle


*the paddle is cut ot lenght with a maximum lenght of 195 cm. It has a diamond elite shaft and a carbon palmgrip.