Tails & Stabs

Published on 9 August 2022 at 08:11

The stabiliser affects pitch, roll and yaw in flight. Larger stabilisers make learning easier, while smaller sizes offer experienced riders a faster and more reactive foiling experience.


Since Armstrong offers multiple different tails, choosing one is not always easy. Personally I am of the opinion you can never have enough tails, haha. 



The CF300 is Armstrong's largest stabiliser and the best starting point for anyone new to foil sports. It’s forgiving in all aspects but still offers plenty of fun for experienced riders in waves and downwind.


The HS232 is the do-it-all solution for riders wanting predictable, dynamic performance. As it suits a wide range of riding styles and skill levels, this stabiliser is our most popular size. With the added versatility of shims, the HS232 has endless potential.

Flying V200

The Flying V 200 is Armstrong's most radical stabiliser. Its small span makes it highly manoeuvrable and loose, ideal for slashing turns over straight line performance. The Flying V is a favourite among advanced surf foilers


The HA195 has a high aspect ratio and thin section, delivering exceptional glide and speed to advanced riders in all foil sports.

Shims play an important role in stabiliser performance. Consider experimenting with how you shim your current setup before upgrading to another. By adding the 0.5 degree (blue) shim, it’s made slightly faster and more responsive. Progressing to the 1 degree (red) shim further increases speed and looseness. Note that you may need to move the mast forward or back1-2cm to keep the front and back foot pressure relationship to your liking. After experimenting with these adjustments, it may be time to try a new stabiliser for a different feel.