Armstrong WKT Boards!

Published on 18 October 2022 at 12:06

Armstrong just released the new Wake, Kite and Tow boards. Since the rumor mill has been running for months, were they worth the wait?


I was fortunate enough to have been riding these boards already for quite some time and all I can say, YES! The boards are super thin with only 1 inch. The feeling you get when riding the boards is amazing. Naturally they feature Armstrongs own design carbon tracks, so the feeling of the foil doesn't get more direct than this. It's like mounting the plate directly to your feet, haha. 


(When Armie visited over the summer he brought a prototype. We were setting it up to use with the winch.)


The boards feature many strap inserts, so you can find the best position for your riding. Since the boards are so thin, Armstrong had to come up with different screws as self taping screws where not going to work. The result is solid! Also, note the nice coloring of the screws. They are stainless steel with a titanium anodized coating. Something we might see back on other Armstrong screws in the future :). 


The boards are bombproof. The construction is built to last on wake boards where many boards need to be stored in racks on the boat. They feature a hollow deck and a V on the bottom to make starting them that little easier. Next to that the board feature a gorgeous carbon finish, with the Armstrong logo weaved into the pattern. Pictures really do not do it justice and you should check it out in person when you have the chance. 


(Footstrap screws)

(Fancy carbon weave with the Armstrong logo)


We also took the boards into downtown Amsterdam. An article about that amazing experience has already been published on tonic magazine. If you have missed it, you can find it here: Breaking The Rules In The Dutch City Of Sin | Issue 13 | Free Wings Foils SUP Surf Magazine Online | Tonic (


Since the boards were not released yet, some nice pictures where the boards are shown more could not be used. 



(going backwards in the canal)


(not everything went to plan, haha)


Now, with the boards finally released, you can order yours. They are on stock and can ship almost immediately. Check them out in the shop! They are also available for testing, so get in touch if you want to try one.