Foiling Made Easy! With the greatest stability and most accessible flight speed in our CF V2 range, the 2050 is larger riders’ gateway to foiling.


  • Low minimum flying speed is ideal for learning to wing foil.
  • Confidence-inspiring pitch and roll stability for discovering
    foiling behind a boat or jetski.
  • A lightwind machine for more experiencedwing foil riders.

WING: Beginner riders 78kg (171lb) and up in all conditions,
intermediate riders 65-89kg (143-196lb) in light+ conditions.
WAKE: Riders 100kg (220lb) and up.
DOWNWIND: Intermediate riders of all weights.
BEGINNERS: Pair with TC70 fuselage and CF300 stabiliser.
INTERMEDIATE: Pair with TC60 fuselage and HS232 or HA195 stabilisers.


AREA: 2050 sq/cm
WEIGHT: 1620gr
AR: 4.82
*Recommendations are meant only as a general guideline. Different components and conditions may influence rider experience.