A+ Questions and Answers

Published on 18 March 2021 at 01:00

The new A+System has been developed by Armie to handle the new generation of mid to high aspect foilwings, which produce high torsional leverage forces.





Further improving product longevity and flex characteristics, the new A+System is designed with custom Titanium Barrel Nuts. The new system locks the mast and wings to the A+System TC Fuselage while maintaining our unique flex characteristics. The flex you can feel in the system comes from the carbon/titanium fuselage itself and our tapered
Reactive Flex Mast construction, which is at the heart of the smooth flowing Armstrong feeling.





Armstrong's new custom titanium 8mm barrel nuts lock into longer 28mm screws that connect across the full width of the mast and front foil to fuselage fitting, for improved durability and performance.




Armstrong has streamlined, strengthened and simplified the rear wing connection by attaching the tail wing directly to the A+System TC Fuselage and combining the current TTF shape directly into the fuselage. For most riders this means a simple, direct, shim-less connection of the tail wing. For more experienced riders our new Polycarbonate Pro Shims can easily be added to tailor your rig to your exact requirements and feel.

The A+System TC Fuselage and wings are fully compatible with all existing HS and CF parts (wings, masts and tail wings). *Armstrong has devised a simple but very effective A+System upgrade drilling kit. All current front wings and masts can be retro drilled so riders can take full advantage of the new system upgrades with just the purchase of the new fuselage.

1: What is the A+System?
The new A+System has been developed by Armie to handle the new generation of mid to high aspect wings, which produce massive torsional leverage forces. To improve durability, longevity and performance the A+System has full width Titanium Barrel Nuts across both mast and front wing connections to lock them in position. The tail wing connection has been simplified, streamlined and strengthened and now incorporates a simple polycarbonate shim system.


2: Which parts of the A+System Foil Kit are different from the current Foil Kits?
The A+System TC Fuselage is the heart of the updated kit. Armstrong has added threaded screw inserts for the new Titanium Barrel Nuts and the tail area is updated so that the tail wing now fits directly to the fuselage. A+System front foils and masts have an extra hole to accommodate the new Titanium Barrel Nuts. The screw set is updated with slightly longer screws and Titanium Barrel Nuts.


3: Will my current Kit be compatible with the A+System parts?
All current HS and CF front wings, tails, fuselages and masts are compatible with the new A+System parts. Front wings and masts can be upgraded with our drilling jig kit to accept additional Barrel Nut connections. ALL current TC fuselages will accept the Barrel Nut on the front wing but not
on the mast as it passes through the titanium core so it is not possible to retro drill and tap this.


4: When I buy A+System front and tail wings, will these fit my current system?
Yes - And you will be able to use the new Barrel Nut system on the front wing with your current fuselage.


5: If I buy a new mast, will there be a hole that I can’t screw a bolt into?
Yes, but it will not affect riding performance. The A+ system mast has an extra screw hole for A+ system screw and Barrel Nut, which is factory threaded through the Titanium Core of the TC fuselage.


6: If I buy just an A+System Fuselage are my current wings and mast upgradable?
Yes, with the drilling kit it’s possible to retrofit both mast and front wings to take advantage of the A+System’s full potential.


7: If I buy just an A+System Fuselage, will the tail wings I have be compatible?
Yes, all current tail wings will fit the A+System fuselage directly without the need for the TTF and they are compatible with the new Polycarbonate Pro Shims. The new A+System tail wings are more streamlined at the connection area, for improved performance.


8: What about the Shims?
Armstrong has simplified the tail connection area so that for most riders the tail can be directly attached to the fuselage with no shim. For more advanced riders wanting faster, looser setups there are new low profile Polycarbonate Pro Shims available, which allow more than 5 angle settings at 0.5 degree increments.

9: Will the warranty be valid if I drill into my existing parts for the A+System upgrades?
Yes, providing you purchase the drilling kit and use the jig and parts supplied. If for some very unlikely reason a part needs to be warrantied, Armstrong will expect to see proof of purchase of the A+System drilling kit