WKT 137


A state of the art board that’s stiff, strong and ultra thin for a pure connection to the foil.


The WKT board range was specifically developed for the rigours of wake, kite and tow foiling. A high tech moulded carbon construction delivers incredible stiffness and durability while keeping volume and thickness to a minimum. The result is a highly responsive feel with sublime connectivity to the foil.



  • Ultra tough C beam construction
  • Chisel nose outline and progressive rocker
  • High strength custom carbon fibre A+System mast tracks
  • Titanium footstrap inserts


The largest size in the range easily rebounds off the water when landing airs, making it ideal for heavier riders. Rookies will find it accelerates their progression with forgiving waterstarting characteristics



  • WAKE: Rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), intermediates >89kg (196lb)
  • KITE: rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), intermediates >89kg (196lb)
  • TOW: Rookies 79-89kg (171-196lb)

*Recommendations are meant only as a general guideline. Different components and conditions may influence rider experience.


Dimensions: 4'6" x 18,5" x 1" (11,5 liter)


(Boards come with a boardbag)