First Test Event of the Year

Published on 25 April 2022 at 11:18

Looking back at the first Armstrong test event in the Netherlands of the 2022 season. Although it was a late call to organize, the conditions did not disappoint. As you could see in the pictures it was super sunny and temperatures were nice. It looks like we have finally left the dreadful winter behind us. The wind started out light, with about 15 knots, but got much stronger during the day. At the end of the day is was 25-30 knots.



People interested in Armstrong products had the possibility to test foils, boards, and wings. Quite a lot of material was available. Feedback of the testers had been very positive. I had brought the following foils: HS850, HS1550v2, HS1550v1, HA525, HA725, HA925, HA1125, HA1325, HA1525, with different lengths masts, different length fuselages, and all the tails. A few sizes of boards were available to try out, as well as the different sizes A-Wings.


Finally, after all the covid measures we can organize events again. This has been the first test event of the season. Several others will follow in different areas of the Netherlands and potentially Belgium. Next to that we will be present during the foil festival on Fehman 16-19 of June. In all these events you will have the opportunity to try Armstrong products and convince yourself it is the right gear for you to buy.



If you cannot join during these test events, you can always get in touch to see if we can make an individual appointment.