Losing the mast T-nut

Published on 18 July 2022 at 08:48

That feeling.... You arrive on the beach. Conditions are amazing! You cant wait to get in the water. Winging, proning, it does not really matter. Wetsuit on, board out of the bag, foil assembly. 


That moment you realize you must have lost a mast T-nut. You cant find it anywhere... You are considering if you can go out with only three of them. It happens to more of you than you realize. I have been sending out so many spares this season. 


After talking to Armie about it (and the fact that Armstrong only sells them by four in a set), his top tip is to keep those screws on the board. Do not detach them from the board, leave them on. 



After taking the mast off the board, you tighten the screws again. This way they stay in place and you will never lose them. if you take out the board to ride it, they are where you left them. You un tighten and put the mast on. 


Happy foiling!